Friday, July 24, 2009


Well as we know, all good things usually do come to an end, especially if
you are a child. It's school time. Actual photo of our summer play-
ground is on the right. Jealous? Yeah, wish I were back there to live
with all my family. Back to the subject. Riding the local school bus to school was pretty nice, the bus driver knew how to keep the rustle to a low hum by turning on the favorite radio station. Everyone focused on the music and the DJ and his antics rather than fighting with each other. The DJ had broken his leg and, because he was so famous, the radio station set up a satellite station in his bedroom so he could broadcast from his bed rather than loose the radio audience. We were all very impressed as this was uncharted ground back then and we just did not know how we were going to live without listening to this very famous person everyday on our way to school. This was one way everyone from all the surrounding villages connected with each other, the one thing we all had in common, no one wanted to miss any joke that was spoken or any piece of music played. As the bus rolled to a stop and the double doors swooshed open to allow a few more children to climb on board, the loud, outside voices silenced in respect for the others as the children found seats, the doors swooshed closed, the noisy, squeeky brakes screemed, gears rattled and off we went, radio blaring. The Bus Driver knew the secret to keep us calm and quiet and we respected her for it: MUSIC TAMES THE WILD BEASTS. And she liked the music too.
Once at school, . . . . to be cont.

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