Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Please link to this website for truthful Health Care information. Obama has a hidden agenda and is deceiving the multitudes. Thankyou.

We do not need Health Care Reform, we need reform for reimbursement for quality services provided. Obama's plan will make for poor Health Care not Quality Health Care. He already has stated MediCare (old people) and MediCal (poor people) are a drain on our society and is what has cost this nation trillions of dollars. His plan will make it worse for those in this demographic area. Michele Obama and David Axelrod were responsible for turning the poor away from the University of Chicago Hospital (the Obama's backyard so to speak). The local poor people in the area travel many miles away to avoid that hospital because they know they will be turned away. The Government gives millions of dollars to the University of Chicago for programs today and brought Michele's cohort in crime to the White House to run our government healthcare. Hmm, wonder how that will pan out!

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